Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do Netgear Mesh Router compatible with the local ISP’s in Malaysia?
    • Yes, all Netgear Mesh Router are compatible including UNIFI, MAXIS, DIGI, CELCOM, TIME & VIEWQWEST.
    • For VLAN ID, login into the router via web browser. Use this URL & enter this information for first time login (Username – admin & Password – leave it blank). Once you on homepage, go to ADVANCE tab à choose Advance setup à VLAN/ Bridge Settings à tick “Enable VLAN/ Bridge group” à tick “By VLAN tag group” à Edit current VLAN ID value according to your ISP with priority value “1”. à click APPLY.


  • What is the information I need to configure my Netgear Mesh Router?
    • PppoE ID & Password together with your VLAN ID. You may refer to your ISP for the PppoE details. Please refer table below for VLAN ID according to your Internet Service Providers.


  • How far is the Netgear Mesh Router coverage area? How many devices can be connected?
    • Please refer table below for total sqft of coverages, devices connected.
1 Router + 1 Satellite
1 Router + 2 Satellite
1 Router + 1 Satellite
1 Router + 2 Satellite
1 Router + 1 Satellite
1 Router + 2 Satellite
Wifi Speed
Up to 1.8Gbps
Up to 1.8Gbps
Up to 4.2Gbps
Up to 4.2Gbps
Up to 6Gbps
Up to 6Gbps
WiFi coverage
Up to 2,500 sqft
Up to 3,750 sqft
Up to 5,000 sqft
Up to 7,500 sqft
Up to 5,000 sqft
Up to 7,500 sqft
No. of devices
Up to 30+
Up to 30+
Up to 40+
Up to 40+
Up to 100+
Up to 100+
Tri-Band Dedicated Backhaul
  • What is the difference between WIFI 6 & WIFI 5?
    • WiFi 6 operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and features improvements in number of streams, multiple-device support, and WiFi spectrum efficiency. Wi-Fi 6 (otherwise known as 802.11ax) brings faster throughput speeds, better battery life, and less bandwidth congestion than what you get with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technology.
  • How do I manage my Netgear Mesh Router?
    • You can manage your Orbi network, check connection status, device connected & more by downloading Orbi apps on Google Play or Apps store on iOs.
  • How many satellites can be added into my existing Orbi Mesh system?
    • Total of 4 satellites (including existing satellites) can be added into your Orbi Mesh system.
  • Can Netgear Mesh Router pair with other brands of Mesh Router?
    • The Netgear Mesh Router only will work with Netgear Mesh Router & satellites.
  • Can I purchase Netgear Mesh Satellite & pair it with my existing Mesh Router (other brands)?
    • Alternatively you can setup the Netgear Mesh Satellite as an Access Point to your existing Mesh Router.
  • How do I get the latest firmware for my Netgear Mesh Router?
    • Firmware is auto updated, but you can manually search for any new latest firmware by log on into our router & search for the latest firmware on advance setting options.
  • How do I improve my WiFi signal?
    • By placing the Netgear Mesh Router strategically in open areas, while maintaining the good distance between router & satellites. Stay away from any high voltage electrical equipment, hidden areas such as inside closet or staircase room. Make sure your Netgear Mesh Router running the latest firmware to keep the connection stable & uninterrupted.
  • I want to limit a daily usage of my internet for my kids. Do Netgear Mesh Router have these features to control my internet usage?
    • Yes, you can easily set the time of your internet usage by enable this function on the router. Enable Circle® Smart Parental Controls to easily manage content and time online for every family member.
  • Do I need to pay if I enable Circle® Smart Parental Controls? What are the features?
    • For Circle Basic it’s FREE. Do more with Circle Premium for just over $4.99/month or only $49.99/year. Get a month of Free trial when you choose Circle Premium. Please download circle apps in Google & App Store to find out more. T&C apply.




Filter level, Check History & Pause internet usage.


Filter level, Check History & Pause internet usage, Rewards, Off Time, Bedtime & Managing Play time.

  • Did Netgear provide any onsite support for troubleshooting & installation of a new router?
    • Yes, with RM200 onsite charges, we will arrange a technician to come over to your house to setup the Netgear Orbi Router. Alternatively, we offer FREE online support to assist you on the installation. You may contact our technical hotline number at 0173583669 (Monday to Friday from 9.30AM to 6.30PM) weekdays except Public Holiday.
  • How do I claim warranty for my Netgear Mesh Router?