QNAP Apps Features

What is NAS?

Build your private cloud at home/ office
NAS (Network-attached Storage) is a smart data storage device where you can centrally store, manage and share all your files - including photos, videos, music, and documents. By connecting a NAS to your home/office network, you can build and share a safe storage space with family members/colleagues that can be accessed from PCs or mobile devices. Easy-to-use and with rich features, a NAS is more than just a simple backup solution.

  1. Store up to terabytes of data
    NAS safely stores large volumes of any type of data. The storage capacity depends on the capacity of the hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD) you set up. A NAS can support potentially huge volumes of data with no monthly fees while maintaining the same convenient data storage as cloud services.

  2. Backup all your devices

    back up your PC/Mac and mobile devices to your NAS. If you require extra protection, your entire NAS itself can be backed up to the cloud or another NAS

  3. Simplify team collaboration and file sharing

    Share not only storage space, but also share and synchronize files across a variety of platforms and devices; QNAP’s online collaboration tools are simple, safe, and secure.

Why QNAP ?

Apps for home user

  • QuMagie integrates AI image recognition and intelligent classification for your photo
  • QuMagie integrates QNAP AI Core AI image recognition that enables facial recognition, subject identification and geography tagging of the photos on your NAS. Similar photos are grouped together in album "People", "Things", "Places", and "Events
  • Centrally store and manage your high-resolution digital music collection
  • Access your music from anywhere
  • Enjoy your music on smart TVs, network audio players, computers, mobile phones, car audio, and other devices.
  • Import videos easily
    Use Video Station to quickly import/upload videos. Take a short clip with your phone and back it up to your NAS with the Qvideo companion mobile app, or activate the auto-upload function in the Qfile mobile app for scheduled backup.
  • More fun with sharing
    Video sharing is easy using Video Station. Simply choose the video and share via email, social networking site, or by sharing link.
  • Stream videos to other devices
    You can stream videos to various devices using DLNA®, Apple TV® (via Qmedia), and Chromecast™.
  • Greater multimedia enjoyment throughout your home
    Cinema28 turns your QNAP NAS into a multimedia hub, allowing for single-interface management of all your photos, music and videos. These media files can then be streamed to every connected device in different rooms of your home. Make QNAP NAS your multimedia center to enjoy absolute multimedia enjoyment!
  • Your NAS is also a surveillance solution
    QVR Pro, QNAP’s new surveillance solution, provides 8 embedded monitoring channels, allowing you to quickly build a home surveillance environment hosted on your QNAP NAS without any extra software needed
  • 24/7 real-time file sync for all your devices
    Simply install the Qsync Central app to use your NAS like a private cloud storage environment (such as Dropbox®, Microsoft OneDrive®, or Apple iCloud Drive®) for real-time file sync and sharing without compromise.
  • File Station is a file management tool in QTS that enables QNAP NAS users to intuitively access shared folder content through web browsers. As one of the most used QNAP NAS apps, File Station is loaded with features needed for managing files on the NAS and in the cloud.

Apps for SMB or Enterprise

  • Google™ Workspace and Microsoft 365® Backup Solution
    Protect Enterprise SaaS data with Boxafe - a simple, comprehensive, and efficient backup/recovery solution for Google™ Workspace and Microsoft 365®
  • License-free VMware® and Hyper-V backup appliance
    With only one QNAP NAS required and with no license fees to pay, you can backup unlimited VMware® and Hyper-V environments. Hyper Data Protector provides you with a cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery plan, ensuring 24/7 operation of your services.
  • Run multiple virtual machines on NAS and appliances
    Virtualization Station is a fast and reliable hypervisor on QNAP NAS and appliances. You can run multiple virtual machines on Virtualization Station to meet versatile virtualization needs and to benefit from cost savings and advanced features.
  • Protect and restore your data. Easy, and fast!
    Taking a snapshot is like taking a photo - within seconds the complete status of your NAS system and data is recorded. If an unexpected situation arises on your system, you can revert to the state recorded by a snapshot.
  • Data Backup, Sync and Recovery Solution
    Hybrid Backup Sync performs them all. Backup, recover and sync data to/from local storage, cloud services or remote servers that use RTRR, Rsync, FTP, WebDAV, and CIFS/SMB protocols.